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Granteq Health is one of the leading Telemedicine Equipment & Solution supplier, based in the UAE, serving UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Africa & India.

For Clinics / Satellite Centres

Standalone Telemedicine Systems for small clinics and stellite health centres. Remote Diagnostics & Devie Assisted Telemedicine Equipments for effective treatment.

For Hospitals & Response Units

Comprehensive Telemedicine solutions equipped with Critical Care, Emergency Care, Virtual Consultations, Remote Patient Monitoring, Post Acute Care etc.

Access to Expert Doctors on Finger Tips

Reduce Referral Dropouts

It’s a known fact that referrals from primary health care to secondary drop out for various reasons. Patients tend to ignore the symptoms and try to cope-up with the conditions. This is mostly due to the inconvenience, lack of time and/or money. Referral dropout has considerable implications on patients, the health care system, and health care costs – a study says. Here is where Telemedicine can come to help both the patients as well as the healthcare providers.

The Right Healthcare Solutions, when they need it

Make Healthcare Accessible

Telemedicine, a subset of Telehealth, makes health care accessible to everyone. Telemedicine solutions make health care services more affordable too. Patient-doctor interactions become easier, faster, and efficient by the use of Telemedicine. When it comes to critical care, where specialist interventions become crucial, Telemedicine will play a critical role in patient well-being.

Make Your Services More Affordable

Reduce Healthcare Management Costs

Remote Diagnosis, Assisted Telemedicine, Remote ICU Monitoring, Virtual Visits, etc are but just a few ways that will bring huge savings on health care management. This additionally expands the reach and availability of physicians and specialists, contributing to the quality and quantity of consultations. Patients will have less waiting time and access to doctors will become easier. With Telemedicine, clinics and hospitals will require fewer resident specialists as they can cater to patients from across the globe.

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Efficient Telemedicine Equipment & Software
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Less Re-admissions = increased patient care
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HIPPA Compliant Telemedicine Solutions
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Increase in Telehealth Visits in 1 Year

Telemedicine Case study

Meitra Hospital in Kerala is embracing technology to provide unparalleled clinical care and patient experience. Meitra Care Network (MCN) connects patients through Telemedicine and brings world-class health care to their doorsteps. This device-assisted telemedicine solution  is the first of its kind in the subcontinent. Watch the case study

Support 24/7

Telemedicine helps you to provide 24/7 Clinical Care, without being physically present. Thus extending the reach as well as patient satisfaction

Life Saving

Telemedicine Systems facilitates robust critical care by specialists when it's needed. Specialist interventions becomes possible in no time.

Critical / Emergency Care

Telemedicine solutions for emergency departments like trauma, stroke, cardiovascular, and respiratory illness, behavioral health crises.

Virtual Visits / Consultations

Hold outpatient consultations, inpatient virtual rounds, home visits, and specialty consults, and team collaborations from anywhere.

Tele-ICU Observation

HIPAA-compliant, two-way, audio/video Tele ICU solutions help 24/7 virtual observation and monitoring of post-acute as well as acute care facilities and systems.

Telemedicine Interpreter Services

When sourcing specialist care from across the globe, language should not be a barrier. Integrated interpreter service eliminates the language barrier in receiving care

Granteq Telemedicine Experts are here to help you!

Want help in choosing the right telemedicine solutions or telemedicine equipment? Or need support for your existing telemedicine systems? Contact our experts who are ready to help you right away.

Flexible Telemedicine Solutions

Grow Step by Step with our Modular Telemedicine Solutions

Telemedicine is scalable. Start with simple easy to implement solutions and extend your health care services step by step. Granteq’s telemedicine solutions are modular and can possibly be integrated with most of your existing healthcare¬† devices and systems.