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Integrated Healthcare Systems

AMD Global Telemedicine is a telehealth technology provider that specializes in working alongside integrated healthcare systems like yours.

Post-Acute Care Facilities

AMD Global Telemedicine is your partner in telehealth technology and solutions, not just for today but continuing with you as the healthcare landscape evolves moving forward.

Physician Service Providers

AMD Global Telemedicine is a telehealth technology provider that specializes in working alongside telemedicine physician service providers.


Virtual Care Technology that helps you extend patient services & access to care

Our customizable telehealth offering integrates the telehealth software, hardware, and medical devices that empower healthcare organizations to deliver virtual care to their patients throughout the care continuum: the home, the client or at bedside.

These telemedicine and telehealth products give healthcare physicians the tools they need to efficiently, accurately, flexibly, and thoroughly treat those in need, regardless of their location or circumstances.

telehealth products and solutions that help healthcare organizations deliver care through digital technology

All of AMD’s solutions begin by making sure there is a platform for you to effectively have a virtual encounter with your patients. Our software offerings are the core of almost all our telemedicine and telehealth solutions because that is what brings all the rest of the pieces together for the best possible virtual experience. The variety of medical devices may allow you to capture the diagnostic data, but it is the software that powers the real-time examination and exchange of information – pushing medical practices to new boundaries.

Basic Virtual Visit Applications

Lightweight tablet carts for room-to-room virtual rounds, vitals documentation or a quick patient check-up. Easily bring the cart by a patient’s bedside to take vitals, connect over video with a remote physician or for a quick specialist consult.

Clinical Exam Applications

The Clinical Assist™ Series is our telemedicine system, designed for clinical applications that need a modular system that can accommodate various medical specialties for telemedicine applications.Suited for organizations that need to start with a basic set up


Our Direct-to-Consumer Telehealth Platform Connect N’ Care® is a customizable telehealth app that allows healthcare providers to easily diagnose, treat and prescribe from the convenience of their mobile device or PC. Patients report their symptoms through our built-in evidence-based guidelines.

AGNES Vitals Connect

Automated Vitals Capture & Documentation Platform

AGNES Vitals Connect platform is an automated solution that reduces time/resources needed for your staff to take and document patients’ vitals within their EMR. Automating vitals data collection and documentation with AGNES Vitals Connect allows clinicians to move from room-to-room in just minutes, quickly accomplishing their vitals rounds, and leaving more time for clinical observation and focused patient interaction.

Telemedicine Products & Technology

AMD Global Telemedicine is committed to creating telehealth products and solutions that help healthcare organizations deliver care through digital technology.

12-Lead Digital Wireless ECG

The Digital Wireless ECG is a PC based 12-Lead EKG system that wirelessly streams ECG data from the patient to your personal computer. The process is simple: perform the patient hookup, input patient data into the software, and then start the analysis. Our system uses the Glasgow 12-Lead algorithm to output fully interpretive ECG statements. Reports include Global Measurements, Individual Lead Measurements and Diagnostic Interpretation. All the heavy lifting is done for you, just review and print.

Abdominal USB Ultrasound Probe

Ultrasound Technology Made Simple for Remote Clinical Exams
The Abdominal USB Ultrasound Probe is perfect for OB, GYN or other internal examinations that require quick and easy access to high quality ultrasound images, for telemedicine applications. All you need is a laptop, tablet or desktop computer with a USB port and you will be able to save, send and print images taken with the probe.

Completely portable and does not require an ultrasound machine.

Vascular USB Ultrasound Probe

High Frequency, Small Footprint
The Vascular USB Ultrasound Probe is ideal for those applications where you need a quality image of the superficial areas of soft tissue including arteries and veins. Because this probe is small in size, it is less prone to slip off the vessel of interest and quickly get you the image you need. The Vascular USB Ultrasound Probe is ideal for those telemedicine applications where you need a quality image of superficial areas. Outstanding image quality from fully digital B mode and 256 shades of grayscale.

Trans-Vaginal USB Ultrasound Probe

Detailed Imagery from Inside. The Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Probe meets the unique needs of telemedicine applications that require a physical examination to evaluate the possible cause of abnormal bleeding, sources of unexplained pain, and to check for possible tumors or infections. This ultrasound probe uses sound waves to “see” inside the body and create detailed images which a physician can then study. The Trans-Vaginal USB Ultrasound Probe meets the needs of telemedicine applications that require a physical examination of delicate areas

Digital Spirometer

The Digital Spirometer, is a PC-based spirometer with oximetry option. When used with our AGNES platform, this device enables specialists to assess respiratory pathologies in real-time during a telemedicine visit. This is a great medical device for teleconsultations with Pulmonologists, Respiratory Therapists, allergists, General Practitioners, Occupational Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Cardiologist. The Digital Spirometer is a PC-based with oximetry option enabling specialists to assess respiratory pathologies during a telemedicine visit

Intraoral Dental Camera

The Intraoral Dental Camera is a high powered digital camera used in the evaluation of patients’ oral health during healthcare assessments. Precision options with focal range of 5mm – 45mm. Diagnostic quality images. Fixed focus keeps sharp details easy to capture – no need to adjust anything. LED lights that activate during capture. Lightweight (1.06 ounces) and ergonomic handpiece makes maneuverability effortless.

Digital Video Colposcope

The Digital Video Colposcope system is a powerful high definition camera and imaging module used for clinical examinations of the cervix, vulva and vagina. The SONY high definition CCD imaging module and super bright LED light source, provide high quality images for clinicians to see pathology changes. This video colposope is different from traditional optical colposcopes because instead of viewing through an eyepiece, it uses a high-resolution imaging technology that displays the captured images on a viewing monitor.

AGNES Vitals Connect

Streamline Vitals Capture and Documentation
AGNES Vitals Connect ™ addresses the #1 challenge reported by 54% of skilled nursing facilities – staffing resources. The AGNES Vitals Connect ™ platform automates and streamlines the capture, collection and documentation of gathering your patients’ vitals. Leaving more time for direct patient care.

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