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From the ICU or ED, to assisted living or the home, Caregility connects clinicians with patients and families, with no extra downloads or logins.

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Telehealth programs with tangible outcomes

We quickly implement telehealth solutions to leverage your current technologies and create safe virtual workflows that minimize exposure for everyone.

Telehealth Solutions that meet the moment, and more

The Caregility Virtual Care Platform provides telehealth solutions that span the continuum of care, from emergent and critical care to subacute settings and the patient’s own home. Using Caregility Connect integrations, users have a consistent experience, reducing training time and facilitating early adoption.

Beyond virtual visits, users on our telehealth platform can also leverage mounted and mobile bedside (or curbside!) devices for monitoring and communication whenever needed. Use cases include ICU patients, isolation units, home care, subacute or long-term care settings, telestroke programs, triage, behavioral health, virus testing, and many more. 

Expanded care in critical environments

Integrated with leading clinical decision support solutions, the Caregility Platform supports Tele-ICU and critical care programs across Intensive Care Units, LTACHs and other boarding locations of critical ill patients. Combined telehealth solutions enable on-demand monitoring, rounding and intervention of patients from remote clinicians in centralized or distributed locations.

Rapid Response to Patients in deterioration

Leverage the Caregility Virtual Care Platform for rapid response to events, from complications of illness or care (pre-code). Use iObserver to continuously monitor ICU/acute patients on a watch list for potential deterioration.

Continuous Observation for Patient Safety

Continuously monitor patients in high-risk situations using our telehealth solution – iObserver. Patient safety concerns range from fall prevention to agitation/confusion, poor short-term memory, elopement, harm from others, harm to others, and harm to self.

Virtual Rounding for Inpatients

Leverage the Caregility Virtual Care Platform and network of different Access Point of Care Systems to conduct virtual rounding by Hospitalist and Specialty providers and other clinicians such as respiratory therapists and pharmacists.

Virtual Care in Emergencies

Integrated with leading clinical decision support solutions, the Caregility Platform enables various telehealth interventions in emergency departments including trauma care, acute stroke care, acute myocardial infarction management, and behavioral health care. Whether starting at the emergency location, or in-transit, or upon arrival at the emergency department, the virtual care solutions on Caregility’s Platform can virtually connect clinicians to the patient to speed along care.

Add Family members to Patient Consults

Whether needed to participate with provider-patient consults, care team coordination or just visiting, Caregility’s Virtual Care Platform can bring family members into virtual sessions on-demand or scheduled.

Specialty Consults for Inpatients and Outpatients

Whether on-demand or scheduled, specialty providers can virtually consult with their patients in both in-patient and outpatient settings using the Caregility Virtual Care Platform.

Continuous Virtual Patient Observation

Identify, alert and intervene faster with at-risk patients for better outcomes with iObserver. Visually monitor patients in crisis or high-risk in deterioration such as for Rapid Response/Patient watch lists, Sepsis, Telestroke, Non-traditional Patient Boarding Settings, Infectious Diseases (e.g. COVID-19) and Patient Safety.

Eliminate language barriers for better patient care

Integrated with all the leading interpreter service companies, the Caregility Platform brings interpreters into every care setting on-demand within seconds. Whether in acute in-patient, emergency departments or virtual visits, Caregility helps eliminate the language barrier to receiving care.

Virtual Visits

Through integrations with multiple clinical workflow solutions, the Caregility Virtual Care Platform adds complete orchestration of a seamless process for the entire virtual visit experience for both patient and clinical team, from the initial scheduling through the post visit follow-up.

Monitor and care manage patients from hospital discharge through full recovery, over time with chronic illnesses or with emerging illnesses prior to hospitalization such as COVID-19 positive patients. Integrated with multiple clinical workflow solutions and medical monitoring devices, the Caregility Virtual Care Platform provides an end-to-end solution to monitor and care for patients in the home.

COVID-19 Response

Virtual Care solutions to help COVID-19 patients while keeping clinical staff safe

We sincerely appreciate the efforts of everyone working on the front lines, and behind the scenes, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caregility’s rapid response programs have played their part. Our wraparound software supports bedside tablets, wall units, and a full array of mobile APS carts, that move among points of care whenever needed.

Inpatient support options include auto-answer devices, remote visual monitoring, and virtual family visits for isolated patients. Clinicians can observe and interact with patients whenever needed, while conserving PPE. Dedicated monitors can see up to 12 patients on a single screen.

Our devices also facilitate curbside, drive-through, and hybrid ED care, in which patients can be assessed and monitored while reducing the risk of virus transmission. Using mobile devices or laptops, Telehealth can even begin before or during transport, reducing time to definitive diagnosis and treatment.

Outpatient virtual visits also enable clinicians to make the most of their time, while looping in interpreters, care team members, and family members.

Rapid Deployment
HIPAA-Compliant & Secure
Integration With EHR And Clinical Applications
New Virtual Workflows

Bring care to wherever it’s needed with a single telehealth platform

Caregility’s telehealth solutions connect patients and clinicians in almost any setting via a flexible, secure platform. Our all-in-one, HIPPA-compliant telehealth platform connects your patient and clinician environments into one universal network. Purpose-built for healthcare, the Caregility platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems and provides a consistent experience for both clinicians and patients.

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